On-Site Video Production

Classical Performances, With  Cinematic Production Values.

Our vision and aesthetic  is borne from our passion to combine Inspired Cinematography with the world of Classical Music – and that ethos is carried into every production and performance that we capture.

Valhalla Media’s Video Production arm was founded with a team of Film Directors, Production Engineers, and Camera Operators who have collective decades of experience behind the viewfinder. Our expert Creative Team will leave no stone unturned in turning out the absolute finest video for your production.

Cutting Edge Cameras, Signal Flow, and Camera Support Hardware.

We believe in bringing the highest quality of Production Value to the world of the Performing Arts – and have the camera support hardware to back that up. Whether we’re using our 20′ jib, manual dollies, or our smooth-as-glass robotic Dana Dolly rail system, we will help you achieve the cinematic look and feel that your audiences will RAVE about.

We film all of our shoots on Canon Cinema-Grade cameras, through Canon L-Range lenses, and have the necessary camera switching and broadcast-grade transmission hardware to make sure that your live-to-tape and livestreamed events go off without a hitch.

Your Creative Team’s Image and Vision Come First.

Your team has worked tirelessly over the years to plan and craft your season, design your productions, to build your audience, and to definite an aesthetic that is uniquely your own – and your digital capture must reflect that same level of care and consideration.

Your finished footage will not only have a clear vision and vividly rendered audio – it will also be reflective of your creative team’s overall vision and concept.

We Know the Weight that Digital Marketing Assets play in Today’s Musical World.

Content is King, and at the center of the royal family is video. Digital Performance capture is the medium that can take your artist or organization’s brand awareness and audience building efforts to the next level. We know just how big of a difference superior digital video assets can make for musicians and organizations looking to grow on the digital stage.

Not a Musician? Not a Problem.

Now, we may be a little biased about our love of working with musicians – but we have a diverse base of clients, and we thrive upon working with individuals and companies from all walks of life and all sectors of business. From Bars to Bakeries, from Designers to Divas, and everyone in between – our team has been in the trenches with them all.

Our approach, though disciplined, is flexible and adaptable to the needs of any business – and we would be thrilled to talk with you about your project’s needs.

Combine With Our Other Services – and the Possibilities are Endless.

In addition to our Video Production Services, we also know a thing or two about Audio Recording and Live-Streaming. Should you also want to a multi-mic setup recording of a live performance, or to Live-Stream your event to (y)our website for the whole world to see, we’ll have your project completely covered from top to bottom.

Review: Chicago Opera Theater's "Taking Up Serpents"

“The filming was helmed by Jan Thompson and colleagues at Valhalla Media, and rendered with skill and imagination. While still a recorded stage performance, the camera was always where it needed to be with the singers, the separated (or separately filmed) trio was smoothly integrated, and fades and brief but artful montages (including with a live snake) avoided visual monotony.”

--Lawrence Johnson, Chicago Classical Review

Review: Chicago Opera Theater's "Taking Up Serpents"

 “COT’s filmed production was rather astonishingly crafted from a single performance captured live on the stage of Chicago’s Studebaker Theatre by Valhalla Media, working in tandem with Dye as stage director. Six cameras were employed to create a visual pastiche that cleverly combined superimposed imagery and split screen techniques with the powerful frisson of live theatre.”

— Mark Thomas Ketterson, Opera News

Review: Chicago Opera Theater's "La hija de Rappaccini"

 “COT's livestream of the performance was an impressive feat, particularly as the crew had to set up after the museum's five o'clock closing for a 7:30 curtain .... the performance was captured with crisp clarity by Valhalla Media.”

-- Mark Thomas Ketterson, Opera News

Daniel Catán’s music soars in COT’s “Rappaccini” premiere

 “COT’s production went off without a hitch Saturday night—a remarkable achievement considering the ever-present technological pitfalls as well as the logistical complexities of a live opera relay from a museum space. Kudos to stage director Crystal Manich for natural movements, technical director Joseph Staffa for seamless transitions between different museum areas, and the entire video production team at Valhalla Media.”

-- Lawrence Johnson, Chicago Classical Review

The Virtues of Virtual: Chicago Opera Theater’s Digital Season

 “One of the most impressive virtual presentations I’ve seen lately was Chicago Opera Theater’s production of “Taking Up Serpents” by composer Kamala Sankaram and librettist Jerre Dye. The production was recorded at the Studebaker Theater in a single take. The production was a collaboration with the appropriately named company Valhalla Media, and the result is visually appealing but also impressively musical.”

-- Seth Boustead, New City Music

Review: Chicago Opera Theater's "The Transformation of Jane Doe"

 “Rather than prerecord the performance, then edit it, COT opted to stream the production live from the Studebaker Theater, on South Michigan Avenue. This was a risk, considering that it involved multiple voices, a small instrumental ensemble and rolling subtitles that tracked the opera’s progress. It all proceeded quite smoothly...there’s something about a live event that raises the intensity level of everyone’s work, and that fervor was unmistakable in this 90-minute presentation.”

-- Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

Review: Chicago Opera Theater's "La Hija de Rappaccini"

 “In such a reverberant venue, one might fear for the sound turning to mud, but the sound engineers have done an excellent job in avoiding this. The broadcast sound quality is exceptionally clear”

-- David Darlin, Bachtrack

Review: Chicago Opera Theater's "The Puppy Episode"

 “The performance was captured by Valhalla Media with visual clarity and excellent audio.”

-- Mark Thomas Ketterson, Opera News

Videography Services

Audition & Pre-Screen Recordings

Are you in need of new Pre-Screen Videos for the upcoming audition season? Let Valhalla Media’s team meet you on site at your favorite performance Hall and do the work. Our Recording Engineers will meet and work with you on-site, and, crafting the highest quality audio and video recordings for your audition package.

Recital & Large Ensemble Performance Recordings

We specialize in on-site audio recordings for classical musicians, performance artists, and ensembles of all sizes. Your performance will be one to remember – our  equipment and technicians will ensure that those memories are faithfully captured and preserved for years to come.

Live-Streaming of Performances and Events

Do you love the concept of broadcasting your performance for the world to see, but HATE of how bad it will look and sound being broadcast from your mobile phone? Yeah, we hate that too. Let our mobile recording studio broadcast your next live performance to the world with stunning audio clarity and pristine 1080P HD video.