Live Opera & Concert Broadcasts

Bring Your Performance to the Audience of the Future.

Modern audiences aren’t bound to the confines of the Concert Hall – so why should your performance be any different? Use our Live-Streaming Services in concert with our Mobile Recording and Videography Services, and expand the reach of your work beyond your wildest dreams.

A Multi-Camera Live-Streaming System, With Cinematic Production Values.

Our video production service offerings speak for themselves – Canon Cinema-Grade cameras, Full-HD capture capabilities, cinema-style camera support equipment, a state-of-the-art editing suite with stills, interstitials, and more. 

Using the the same camera equipment, and paired with Blackmagicdesigns’s latest camera switching and Teradek’s bonded encoding tehnology, we can create a fully-produced livestream of your performance. If you’re looking to include pre-recorded video, still image slides, and keys/overlays as a part of your Live-Streamed Event, you’ve come to the right place.

Live-Stream With the Highest Audio Quality Possible.

All Audio in your stream is recorded, processed, and mixed through our Avid Venue preamp system and subsequently captured in Pro Tools, before being merged with the program video feed of your broadcast.  Simply put – the audio quality in your live-stream will be second-to-none, and will be captured in multi-track format for re-mixing and re-mastering post-broadcast.

A Fully Editable Archival Copy of Your Livestream.

Thanks to the ingenuity of our engineering team, we can not only provide you with an instant hard copy of your broadcast – we can also return to your concert in post production, color-grade your footage, and change our camera angle choices. This degree of flexibility leaves Valhalla Media a cut above the competition.

           Valhalla Media’s Creativity, Delivered to      Any Video Platform.

Our Live-Streaming/Broadcast delivery system was not only built with redundancy but also diversity in mind. Whether you’re looking to send your stream to your company’s private streaming service, Facebook Live or your YouTube channel, our encoding equipment will have your video signal safely delivered to your audiences at home.

Setting the Stage for the 21st Century.

The challenges that artists and producers face in these unprecedented times are daunting. We have committed our resources to completely re-think and re-envision how live performances can take place while theaters are closed to patrons. After much research, planning, and development – we are pleased to reveal our revolutionary new platform for the Classical Music World –

Valhalla Media Live

Live-Streaming Services

Recital & Live Performance Live-Streaming

Do you have an upcoming Solo Recital or Large Ensemble Concert that you’d like to present to more folks than you can fit in the door? Let Valhalla Media come to you with our mobile studio and videography equipment,  and send your art out into the world for all to see. 

Corporate Event Live-streaming

Not a musician? Our Live-Streaming Services are accessible to and used by business all across the Chicagoland area. Let us make your next corporate event stand above the rest, and accessible by all of your employees – whether they are in remote offices, or working from home. 

Custom Projects & Other Special Events

Are you looking for service options that you just can’t seem to find anywhere else? Our service offerings and equipment locker run deep, we are always willing to adapt and work to meet the needs of your business’ unique challenges. Reach out, and start the conversation today.

Livestream Schedule Updates & Much More

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