Our Mobile Recording Studio also doubles as a full broadcasting suite. Live-Stream your event with us, and let the whole world inside the walls of your Concert Hall.

Bring Your Performance to the Audience of the Future.

Modern audiences aren’t bound to the confines of the Concert Hall – so why should your performance be any different? Use our Live-Streaming Services in concert with our Mobile Recording and Videography Services, and expand the reach of your work beyond your wildest dreams.

The Next Revolution is Here.

When we set out to build Chicago’s Best Mobile Recording Studio, we could see the writing on the wall – it was clear to us that video would be a central part of the future content needs of our clients, so we co-equally built Videography into our platform. And as we began to build that platform, it also became apparent that there was no one in our market segment with the capability to live-stream live events in the Classical Music world.

With Valhalla Media, that has officially changed.

This foresight makes us a leader in or field, and we are proud to be the only Mobile Recording Studio in Chicago with the capability to Live-Stream your recorded event.

Live-Stream With the Highest Quality Audio Available.

Our Live-Streaming is built upon the backbone of our Mobile Recording Studio. All Audio in your stream is recorded and processed through our Universal Audio Apollo Audio Interfaces and subsequently captured in Pro Tools, before being merged with your video feed. Your Live-Stream will have the benefit of multi-channel inputs that have been run through the finest and latest in digital pre-amp modeling technology. Simply put – the audio quality in your live-stream will be second-to-none.

A Multi-Camera Live-Streaming Setup, With Broadcast-Quality Production Values.

Our videography service offerings speak for themselves – Canon Cinema-Grade cameras, Full-HD capture capabilities, a state-of-the-art editing suite with stills, interstitials, and more. But did you know that our Live-Streaming setup has the exact same horsepower?

Using the the same camera equipment, and paired with Blackmagicdesigns’s latest camera switching and signal capture tehnology, we can create for you a fully-produced livestream of your event. If you’re looking to include pre-recorded video, still image slides, and keys/overlays as a part of your Live-Streamed Event, you’ve come to the right place.

Archival Footage of your Live-Stream, in Full 1080P HD.

When your event has finished – while all of the gear packed up, your music being gathered, and the lights shut down – your viewers will already be able to view an instantly hosted and archival video of your presentation live from our website. In addition, of course, to the mastered version of your session being delivered to you.

Valhalla Media’s Creativity, with Vimeo’s Technical Backbone.

Our Live-Streaming Infrastructure was built with reliablity for your viewers as it’s core tenet. We have partnered with Vimeo for our video-delivery infrastructure – to ensure that your online audience stays just as tuned in to your performance as your in-person audience.

Live-Streaming Services

Recital & Live Performance Live-Streaming

Do you have an upcoming Solo Recital or Large Ensemble Concert that you’d like to present to more folks than you can fit in the door? Let Valhalla Media come to you with our mobile studio and videography equipment,  and send your art out into the world for all to see. 

Corporate Event Live-streaming

Not a musician? Our Live-Streaming Services are accessible to and used by business all across the Chicagoland area. Let us make your next corporate event stand above the rest, and accessible by all of your employees – whether they are in remote offices, or working from home. 

Custom Projects & Other Special Events

Are you looking for service options that you just can’t seem to find anywhere else? Our service offerings and equipment locker run deep, we are always willing to adapt and work to meet the needs of your business’ unique challenges. Reach out, and start the conversation today.

Livestream Schedule Updates & Much More

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