Valhalla Media Live

A Revolutionary Platform for Artists and Classical Music Fans alike.

Setting the Stage for the 21st Century.

The challenges that artists and producers face in these unprecedented times are daunting. We have committed our resources to completely re-think and re-envision how live performances can take place while theaters are closed to patrons. After much research, planning, and development – we are pleased to reveal our revolutionary new platform for the Classical Music World –

Valhalla Media Live.

Photo Credit (Above) – Mike Humes

Unparalleled Audio & Video Quality.

At the forefront of this endeavor is the dire need to hit the reset button and change the expectations that classical music audiences have garnered from current lower-fidelity live-streamed concert offerings. All events that we produce through the Valhalla Media Live platform will be rendered through our state the art mobile videography and recording studio. Pair our visionary production team, our state of the art equipment, a digital-first forward thinking mentality, all with our revolutionary new delivery platform – and we can promise you a cinematic live concert experience from your living room that looks at terrific as it sounds.

Getting Artists Back to Work

Artists all over the world have suffered due to the COVID19 pandemic, both personally and professionally. We’ve devoted our efforts to help lift up and re-invigorate our artistic community through a time of crisis – offering audiences the opportunity to directly support the artists they’ve come to know and love, and producing organizations a vision for a path into the 21st Century.

Celebrating Diversity. Alternative Repertoire. From Alternative Venues.

We work directly with artists to program repertoire that they are typically not offered the opportunity to perform in other recital or concert settings. This is an opportunity for us to showcase the true diversity of our community of colleagues at a time when the voices of minority and underrepresented artists must be heard. This platform was built by artists, for artists, and with modern audiences in mind.

Putting Safety First.

In prioritizing the health of our artists, Live Concert Events that we produce through the platform will feature artists and staff observing and exceeding CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 – principles that are central to our platform’s mission. Artists appearing onstage will be properly socially distanced, partitions placed between artists and any accompanying musicians, masks worn wherever possible, and pre-performance health screenings will be administered to ensure artist safety.

Watch Live From Any Device – Worldwide.

Audiences all across the world yearn for live classical music – and thanks to a platform without borders, we will once again be able to deliver them that experience. Whether or not your comfy seat is in the front of the balcony or the front of your living room, you will be able to watch our live events on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Audio Recording Services

Audition & Pre-Screen Recordings

Are you in need of new Pre-Screen Recordings for the upcoming audition season? Let Valhalla Media’s team do the work. Our Recording Engineers will meet and work with you on-site, and, crafting the highest quality audio recordings for your audition package.

Recital & Live Performance Recordings

We specialize in on-site audio recordings for classical musicians and performance artists. Your performance will be one to remember – our  equipment and skilled technicians will ensure that those memories are faithfully captured and preserved for years to come.

Large Ensemble Recording Projects

We don’t just work with individual musicians and solo artists – we record large ensembles too. Our mobile recording studio allows for up to 16 channels of the high-fidelity recording, on-site and in your space. From Vivaldi to Wagner, our engineers and gear have you covered.

Livestream Schedule Updates & Much More

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